How would you grade your online presence?
Get a full breakdown of your online presence and see where to improve.
Would you like more traffic, more leads and more sales?
Wasting money on traditional advertising can be a bummer, right?
Now, there are tools available that allow you to target your customers with pin point accuracy. A well structured ads strategy along with a great online presence allows you to become MUCH more efficient and effective with your advertising dollars.
Facebook & Instagram Ads that allows you to target billions of people if you would like or a specific audience of 30K people. Target people that visited your website, people that have an interest in your products, target your competitors' buyers, etc. You can do some REALLY cool stuff with FB & IG ads.

Social Media Management that makes you look corporate with a small hometown feel. Everyone loves a business that posts professional and informative content. It builds trust therefore making customers more comfortable contacting you.

Modern Web Design & Blogs. Who wants to browse on an outdated website or who wants to look at an website that's not mobile friendly? No one. Get yourself a sharp website with some fresh blog content to rank higher in Google's rankings.
Services To Help You Grow
Who is Aaron Packer?
Hi there, my name is Aaron Packer and I’m one of Pennsylvania’s first Blueprint certified Facebook ads strategist. I started my business, ShoppingLocal.Net Ads Agency, located in Indiana, Pennsylvania and I have been helping local businesses grow with social media for over 10 years. Throughout this journey, I have been fortunate enough to work with some AMAZING people.

My goal is simple. To work closely with local businesses to help them leverage a strong online presence to increase their bottom line.
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