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About Aaron
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When I was 15 years old, I started working at my family's local grocery store in Western PA. Over time, I noticed the store was losing market share to large competitors moving to the area. It was time to make a change. I learned & continue to learn how to leverage Facebook ads & online sales funnels to direct customers & clients back to the business.

I have had the pleasure of helping numerous teams with online strategies for nearly 10 years. Occasionally, I enjoy speaking at various conferences and conventions around Pennsylvania! I'm thankful for how far our agency has come & for the rewarding relationships we have built with our clients.
Believe in it… A strong digital presence is powerful. See some case studies here that prove it.

Value time… I try to dedicate a fair amount of time to each client per week. Please understand that I aim for quality so ample time may be necessary to design, publish and monitor projects.

Take time to understand… Before working together, I ask you to take the time learn from our social channels and published content. For example, teaching someone to bake that has never stepped foot in a kitchen makes life very difficult.  

Guard down… My clients become part of my team. I learn what they need and innovate around them. In order to do this, I build strong relationships with my clients that sometimes require asking tough questions to generate great results.

Absolutely positive… I understand there will be some tough days, but being positive is a conscious choice. My goal is to consciously be positive. A positive mindset guides us to greater opportunities.

Frugal is fine, cheap is childish… If your bottom line is price and not value, then I caution you from calling. My mindset is always on seeking the greatest value, even if it’s not a monetary value. Cheap individuals are late to pay bills, less likely to grow their business and afraid to innovate. I always value my clients' dollars entrusted in me and look to use them to generate profitable growth.

Pro-Community… I will never forget where I came from and where I currently reside. I value our local communities and will continue to give back. 
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